Sunday, May 2, 2010

WOW! Were We Right...!

Hi, my name is David. My wife and I were set to go to her 30yr high school class reunion. But then we attended one of Jerry's meetings in Nampa, ID whom we have never met before. He was teaching on High Worship. What that is basically, is singing in your heavenly prayer language. The gift of speaking in tongues, and yet you can Sing in Tongues.
We took notice of a flier Jerry had for the June Camp Meeting 2009. It didn't take long for my wife and I to change our plans from going to her class reunion, and instead go to the Camp Meeting. What connected us to Jerry's teaching on singing in the Spirit is that we were already singing in the spirit long before we met him. God knows how to bring like minded people together.
We were so excited when we arrived at The Ranch with an expectancy that this was the right choice. WOW, were we right about that! We met people from WA, OR, ID, CA and NV. Most of us had never met before. If you have never been to The Ranch in Richland, OR. , Believe me when I say, you will not forget that e
xperience! It was also an honor to meet Gene and Michelle (I enjoyed their Indian drum). I had the privilege of blowing my Rams Horn (shofar). I also love to dance before my King, and I was moved in the Spirit and was Dancing like an Indian (a part of my Heritage).
Another time I was singing in the spirit (prayer language) and later a gal from CA asked
if I knew Spanish, because I was singing in Spanish..... I don't know how to speak Spanish!
Our friendship with Jerry has formed into a deep bond of friendship. We stay in contact, and are looking forward to ministering along side Jerry soon.
David and Diana S. - Globe, Az.
Camp Meeting 2010 June 17 - 21

Come to a Ranch Retreat!

I went to one of the retreats at The Ranch, and I Experienced God in Such A Way as I have Never Experienced Him before! I encourage everyone that has a Heart for God to come to one of these Retreats.
God Bless You Jerry Heater
Pastor Marc Snook - Nampa,Idaho
JUNE CAMP MEETING 2010 June 17 - 21

Friday, April 16, 2010

* The Prophetic Word in the Market Place!

Good Morning Jerry,
It was my pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for sharing your blessed gift. I thought you would like to know the meaning in what you received, and shared with me.
The man has a wife that is very sick. as you stated. He has been in the business for 30 years. You spoke of this as well. I invited him to partner with me. I was living in my home town in Washington, this business man was in San Diego California. My connection with him lead me here.
It was because of his many years in the business as you had said that I teamed with him. At his request I moved to San Diego 3 weeks ago. The first day I was here I was warned by those that are close to him that he was not an honest business man, then he proved to me this was in fact true.
My partner in Washington, and I let this man know we no longer wanted to partner with him. He threw up his hands and walked away. You were right again He also told me of problems at home , stating he was having trouble in his marriage. You saw this also.
I was going to move back to Washington, then I was introduced to a friends father with family in the same Warehouse and shipping business. They too have 20 years in the industry. I am not sure if we will be able to start the business together or if I am going back to Washington, I will be meeting with them in two weeks. and meeting with the company I want to ship for in 3 weeks in Arizona. My attempt is to bring everyone together to see if we can all work together, that is why I had Jeff pray with me.
So I see...You are very blessed with a true gift from God. Jeff told me about the Job offer that he received you told him about. He received that too.
Don't you love His miracles in our lives He shares with us!
Have a wonderful Blessed Day!
Your Sister in Christ,
Brenda C. - Vancouver, Wa.

* The Lady Held Captive and Tortured for 7 Years....
Known in the Media as
Girl In The Box"

"I have felt under attack for the last four months and needed release and needed to know I am in control of my life through Christ Jesus whom through all things are possible. I knew this but needed confirmation because I was believing the lies of the enemy. The lies I wasn't worthy of forgiveness or the joy that comes from knowing God. I can't say why I was falling for these lies because you know, I know that God loves me and that I know I am one of His own. He told me this
when I was in captivity, so for me to go through this again years later is just beyond comprehension to me. Why do we forget and fall for the lies? The message you brought was one I so needed to hear. That we can choose what we want for our lives. That we are worthy, that we can ask for good health, that we can ask in the name of Jesus and cast out demons (spirits) of pain,.... confusion, even doubt. Thank you for reminding me of these things. And Thank You for being used of the Lord for my healing. Praise God for removing those bone spurs and all that arthritis in my shoulder freeing it up so that I can now lift both of my arms in Praise to Him.
Colleen - Northern Ca.
* This Dear Lady could only raise one arm to praise the Lord. This was a result of the Torture she went through while being held Captive. She felt others thought she was not that Spiritual because she would only raise one hand. The other arm and hand she could only raise to shoulder level. She was also being Tormented by the lies of the enemy. But through the Prophetic Word and a Great Night of God's Healing Power In one of Jerry's meetings, she can now raise both hands and has been set free of the enemies lies from the past!